Successful People use Personal Development as their tool to become even more successful...

Are you living Your Life to the Fullest?







   Ask yourself the following questions:


1.      Am I living a balanced life?

2.      Is my motivation and effectiveness at work declining?

3.      Am I getting more complaints about my job performance?

4.      Do I find myself gossiping at work?

5.      Do I feel responsible for other people--their feelings, thoughts, actions, choices, wants, needs, well-being and destiny?

6.      Do I feel compelled to help people solve their problems by trying to take care of their feelings and behaviors?

7.       Do I stay in relationships that don't work and tolerate abuse or substance abuse problems?

8.      Am I involved in Compulsive behaviors such as overspending, overeating, gambling, or  workaholism?

9.      Do I bottle up my emotions – isolate from others, cover up my true feelings?

10.       Do I feel sad and depressed, no longer finding joy in activities?

11.       Do I have difficulty concentrating? Am I mentally and physically tired?

12.        Have I lost my passion for life, just existing from day to day?

13.       Do I settle for less than I deserve?

14.       Do I allow fear to prevent me from making the changes I need to make in life?

15.       Am I doing what I really want to do in life? Am I speaking and living my truth?



If you relate to any of the above, then this WORKSHOP is for you!

If you want change in your life, than you are the one who must do the changing.

Life is very Simple. What  we give out, we get back!!



Workshop Agenda

  • Take time for Your Life – What is self care?
  • Finding Balance in Your Life – Self Assessment
  • Sorting through emotional baggage? Where did we get it? How long have we been carrying it? Four common barriers that keep us stuck (Fear, Criticism, Shame, Resentments)
  • Communicating our Needs -What are healthy Boundaries?
  • Codependency – How to stop caring for others and start caring for yourself -  stop the Rescuing & Enabling
  • Self Esteem – Learning to love yourself – Finding your Self- Worth
  • Learn how not to take things personal – becoming accountable for our attitudes and actions
  • Finding Gratitude – what is working? (Positives vs Negatives)
  • Extreme Self Care – Stand up for Yourself – The Power is Within YOU!!
  • Four Basic Needs – How to get what we need daily
  • The Five Secrets you must Discover before You Die
  • There is HOPE…Self Care Plan

Take the lead in making positive changes in your life

 Take Time for Your Life… You are worth it!!